As I start assembling these words in a blank page, still far from the completion of any kind of manuscript, I am grateful to you for reading it.
As these letters and numbers make way into your intellect, they become vibrations – thoughts in the form of energy. Decoding this message (made of symbols from an alphabet) is, in itself, spreading the word – therefore, thank you.
Certain that it was not by accident that this text appeared in front of your eyes, I remain amazed by another simple yet astounding principle: since what we call past is gone and what we call future has not arrived, both my writing and your reading can only be happening at the same time: now.
2020 is not just a number.
It’s “vision”, as many of you know.
What have you been seeing?
Still, nothing can be created without being first thought of. Everything is, at some point, just an idea, a thought.
With that in mind, it is not difficult to realize that thinking is creating – therefore, thinking is the primary mechanism responsible for everything that has ever been created.
And we all “think”.
We do it virtually all the time. Consequently, we are always creating.
But if the world we created is unbalanced, fearful and unkind (no need to elaborate), it is reasonable to suspect that there is something flawed with our way of thinking.
Therefore, it’s reasonably to say that it is not about “what” to think, but rather “how” to think.
Do you know “how” to think?
This is a question that calls for open-mindness.
Any given subject may spark one’s interest and when that happens, it generates new thoughts, which generate more thoughts and so forth – the flow of the process of creation.
Thinking is creating – and everybody does it. However, the experience is individually different for everyone.
And – yet again – if no path is an ordinary one, all of them can only be extraordinary.
Consequently, pursuing knowledge of any matter – and, in particular, of one’s self – is to travel an inspiring route that ultimately leads to a higher form of awareness.
This is an invitation to one’s own voyage into different perceptions of being.
Reality is just what one believes to be real.
If beliefs are nothing more (or less) than thoughts, modifying the way of thinking is all that is needed to transform one’s reality.
The grasp of this notion subsequently reveals that changing the reality of the present world – which is the collective of everyone’s “awareness” – happens as it occurs in the individual level.
And since creation does not fail, it then becomes not a question of “if” but “when”.
What brings back the predicament of “time”.
Now is all that is.
Waiting for the future and/or blaming the past are nothing but forms of “denial”.
If everything is essentially the product of a thought, it implies that everything that is thought must (and will) manifest.
So… What have you been “thinking”?
Are your thoughts really your “own”, or have they been “hijacked”?
If so, take it back!
Seek knowledge and you will find truth.
Both have been hidden from us.
Regaining this divine and supreme strength can only be done one time.

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